In the spotlight

Groningen company Axon Biochemicals researching drug candidates for Parkinson's disease and schizophrenia

[BioMedCity Newsletter 2004 October] http://www.biomedcity.nl/news_news.asp?id=15#124

With EU funding-and together with two fellow SMEs-Axon Biochemicals B.V. from Groningen is developing drug candidates for treating Parkinson's disease and/or schizophrenia. Managing director Dr. Yi Liao confirmed that in addition the company has succeeded in winning two license transferring agreements with outside pharmaceutical companies since its business operations began in 1999.

Axon Biochemicals is a contract research organization, providing services in medicinal chemistry. The company is involved in rapid synthesis of well-defined standards in drug research and in contract research on drug design and synthesis. Axon was founded in 1999 as a campus-based company. About a year ago, the company moved to its new modern laboratory in the Biotech Center near the Academic Hospital in Groningen. With seven people working there, the company is still quite small, but the board of directors is planning to extend the service and research capacities of the company.

In five years of experience the company has already built up a creditable reputation. "There may be many companies which are contract research organizations, but we want to be one of the best in the medicinal chemistry field," says the managing director. He is very confident about the opportunities for his company. "We have a very good reputation", he states proudly. "And that's not due to PR, because we didn't do much of that at the start. But we have a great team and we do have our expertise or technology 'know-how' in our hands. Our clients appear to be very pleased with our services. So far we have actually developed the business without any venture capital and we are now looking forward to further developments."