Services   - via Axon Medchem BV

From 2007, to focus on the R&D activities relating to drug discovery programs on its developed IPRs, Axon Biochemicals BV offers its medicinal chemistry services via its spin-off company, Axon Medchem BV.

Rapid synthesis of well defined standards in drug research. Axon Biochemicals BV takes on missions of making bioactive specialty fine chemicals and reference compounds for researchers at universities and in the pharmaceutical industry.

Contract Research on Drug Design and Synthesis. Drug R&D often involves complex and time-consuming chemical synthesis. As a CRO, our chemists are ready to join your research project(s) and help prepare your desired compounds via the most appropriate route asap. If no route is available, or if improvements are needed, our chemists can assist on developing a process to make it more cost-efficiently. Using results from HTS assays, our experienced medicinal chemists can help provide information about structure activity relationships (SARs). Using this information in combination with computational techniques, we can help design and synthesize potentially more potent and selective drug candidates for testing.